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We manage, moderate and deliver rich media across multiple platforms including broadcast, digital and DOOH



Easily gather, moderate and publish rich media/social media including comments, pictures, videos and polls in seconds

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Our social engagement platform can help drive better viewership, engagement, brand awareness and sales

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What our customers say about us

STORY by gives Production the ability to gather, moderate and publish actually during a programme item, not 10mins later or after an ad break - right then. Speed is the key - if you can tap into social media feeds whilst the topic is still relevant or still in the moment, it becomes a way to drive up visibility and the amount of people talking about your show and brand.

It’s always exciting to be pioneering new ideas and technologies, but even moreso when it is something so perfectly in tune with a brand’s image and values. gives us a fantastic opportunity to see the worlds of social media and TV advertising collide seamlessly and powerfully.

Missguided’s customers are among the most social media savvy and switched on people in the UK and across the world, and this exciting technology gives us the opportunity to reach out to our fans and followers in a more dynamic and impactful way than ever before. Our brand stands for empowerment and inclusion, and offers the perfect platform to engage and involve our customers in our brand.