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Presenter Prompter

Prompter For Presenters

Prompter is a simple web-based application that allows you to publish content ready for air direct to your TV presenter’s iPad or computer.


Prompter gives presenters the ability to see what content has been published to air in realtime, whether it’s social media posts, images, videos, polls or trends. This enables the presenters to read out comments from viewers as they come in, or discuss results of live polls.

Key Features

  • See audience feedback in realtime
  • Simple web-based application
  • Works on iPad, computer or smartphone
  • Moderators can create custom messaging for presenters
  • Content automatically updated in realtime
  • Customisable interface
  • Manage rich media content such as comments, images, videos, polls & wordclouds
  • See polls update in realtime

Prompter in Broadcast

Amplify the voice of your audience
Works seamlessly with your existing broadcast workflow
Content from multiple social media sources
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