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Zeppotron and The World Cup of the Decade

Posted by Ed Abis on Jan 31, 2020 12:04:17 PM
Ed Abis
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Zeppotron and The World Cup of the Decade

The client: Zeppotron

The project: Hosted by Pointless’ Richard Osman and starring the likes of Alex Brooker and Lorraine Kelly, The World Cup of the Decade was broadcast in 2019 as a look back at the last 10 years. Exploring a decade of film, TV and songs, viewers would take a trip down memory lane and the hosts will decide winners in each category, and an overall winner for each group.

The challenge: In the run-up to the show, Richard Osman

thumbnailhosted a World Cup-style tournament on Twitter where the public got to have their say on the five categories. And that’s where Bee-On came in. 

The producers needed a way to run polls on Twitter and easily gather the answers into one place. The polls were run across a period of two weeks on various Twitter polls. Each of the five categories had 16 options. The amount of options made the process a little trickier, but Bee-On’s software helped simplify.



How we did it: Over the two weeks for each category, Richard Osman ran four separate Twitter polls across

each individual category, which in turn would have four winners of each poll. He would then do another two Twitter polls with the remaining four choices. The last two winners were then chosen by the public. Throughout each of these stages, all poll results were visible to the general public.

For the final stage, Richard Osman then sent a call-to-action out to his followers to vote using a hashtag and then their vote. So, for example, if someone was voting for David Attenborough as Best Celebrity, they would use the hashtag #WorldCupOfTheDecadeDavidAttenborough.

thumbnail (2)

It was at this point that Bee-On kicked in!

Bee-On worked to gather tweets throughout all the stages, but using time filters, Bee-On was able to count the votes using the polling aspect when hashtags were used in the final stage. Bee-On was also able to see who posted each vote and can also control how many votes per person are accepted, in this case it was limited to one vote per user, so Bee-On was able to make sure no one was counted twice.

thumbnail (1)The results: Zeppotron wanted to keep the final results hidden from the general public, and for them to be revealed on the show that was aired on 27th December 2019 on Channel 4 at 9pm. Using Bee-On was the perfect solution as it counted the results with ease, ensured that voting was fair and kept the results on the down low.

Here were the final winners! Do you agree?

Biggest Celebrity - David Attenborough

Song - Uptown

New Stuff - Emojis

TV Show - Sherlock

Film - Toy Story

Screenshot (342)

Screenshot (349)