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VOA - Podelis

Posted by on Oct 13, 2011 3:32:00 PM
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Client: Voice of America

Project: Podelis

Voice of America (VOA) wanted a way to incorporate social media into its Podelis broadcast to engage audience in conversation about important, trending topics in Russia.

The Interactivity Suite (IS) provides a single workflow for curating content (a critical component of VOA’s strategy of audience engagement) while giving viewers a way to interact directly with their peers and those on the show.

With IS, users can harvest and capture real-time social conversation, moderate and edit the content, and directly ingest it into the Chryon graphics machine for on-air playout. Rather than having to browse social media sites looking for good content, and then manually copy and paste it into the graphics systems, daily users can now do it all from a single system.

Technologies Connected:
Chyron Graphics