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Turner Sports - NBA TV

Posted by on May 1, 2013 12:30:00 PM
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Client: Turner Sports

Project: NBATV - Fan Night


Heading in to one of the commercial breaks during NBATV's Fan Night, the NBA cameras caught a Pacer’s fan playfully refusing to share his mint chip ice cream with his girlfriend. A viewer with the Instagram handle PRINCEKO_MOSHITCH snapped a picture of his TV screen and posted it on Instagram. The producers at NBATV quickly harvested the image using the Interactivity Suite and presented it onair with some comedic commentary from former NBA superstar, Chris Webber.


After the broadcast Gawker picked up the 'Ice cream guy' story, then local Indiana news FOX59 followed up and introduced us to the happy couple; Jake Moran and Georgia Arnett. (Jake and Georgia also received a year’s supply of Mint Chip ice cream). The story went national when Jake and Georgia appeared on Good Morning America. This made it a national news segment about a couple who got a years supply of ice cream from a local news segment about a video of an Instagram of a sports video.