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NBCU – Jeep Renegade

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 5:11:37 AM
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Client: NBC Universal

Project: Jeep Renegade Campaign






In February 2015 we worked with NBCU to support the live social moderation and video rendering of “social commercials” for Jeep’s #RenegadeLifeContest. The project happened over 16 nights and appeared in primetime on Syfy, Bravo, E! and NBC, and was described in the press as “the first multi-platform ‘scaled social’ commercial across four channels.” The content appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Blacklist, 12 Monkeys, The Real Housewives of Atlanta and E! News.

Each night, at the beginning of a show, the networks ran call-to-action spots encouraging viewers to share photos embodying their “Renegade lifestyle” on Instagram and Twitter, in real-time, for a chance to see their photos in a Jeep commercial at the end of the show. All submissions were also entered to win a trip to the iHeartRadio Music Awards held in Los Angeles.


Using STORY, the channel social teams reviewed all submissions and vetted viewers social accounts, then rendered videos including the fresh photos, instantly, for approval by network executives. Use of STORY allowed for multiple videos to be produced and reviewed within the 15-minute turn around time and performed flawlessly in what was essentially a live TV environment requiring multiple levels of network approval.

Here is one of the final spots: