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ITN/ITV/MEC - Oykos Ad

Posted by on Sep 28, 2016 10:07:59 AM
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Client: ITN Productions and ITV
Agency: MEC UK
Brand: Oykos (Danone) worked with ITN Productions, ITV, and MEC UK to create a social advert for the Danone yogurt brand Oykos.

The 8-week TV campaign, which launched this summer, ran across ITV channels in the UK.

Fans of the brand could appear alongside celebrity Mark Wright by uploading a photo of themselves and the reason why they should be featured to the Oykos FB page.

The ad was changed regularly with ITN Productions using’s social engagement platform STORY-VR to create unique versions in a fraction of the time previously possible - automating the integration of social content, broadcaster’s brands and clock details across multiple channels. Broadcast-ready ads were then delivered directly for approval, clearance and trafficking.

The campaign has seen thousands of likes, increased Facebook engagement, thousands of entries, hundreds of shares and a 30% growth in Facebook audience. It's clear that consumers want to be in the ad creative and are happy to share content and engage on social networks to do so.