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Comedy Central Roast

Posted by Jenna Rogers on Feb 13, 2016 12:00:00 PM
Jenna Rogers

Client: Comedy Central

Project: Roast of James Franco

Comedy Central James Franco Roast Social Encore
The Social Encore aired immediately following the premiere, and included celebrity and at-home viewer social posts over 100% of each segment of the broadcast.  ("Wall-to-wall" social)

Story was first used to collect Tweets from celebrities during the taping and were "banked" for the Social Encore. Then, Comedy Central's social team collected live Tweets and Facebook posts from viewers responding to the on screen hashtag #FrancoRoast.  

Using multiple moderators, Comedy Central approved and published over 500 tweets across all 6 segments of the show.  The Tweets were programmed specifically by segment, so the editorial of the Tweets matched/enhanced what was happening during the roast.   

Comedy Central is an active customer and currently uses story to add social conversation to Cinema Supremo and audience opinions to movie marathons with Twitter polls. 

Footage courtesy of Comedy Central.