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Ways Twitter Moments Can Transform Your Social Engagement Strategies

by Jenna Rogers,  04-Mar-2019 14:14:03

What is a Twitter Moment?

twitter momentsTwitter Moments are curated stories of what’s happening in the world. They are made up of a collection of Tweets, selected by the person who has created the Twitter Moment.

Twitter Moments are a great way to curate relevant content on specific topics or bundle top Tweets from trending hashtags to tell interesting stories. now offers to ability to manage Twitter Moments in our audience engagement platform, STORY. We believe there is enormous potential to utilise this form of social media in linear TV as well as dynamic advertising.


Using Twitter Moments in Broadcast

There are opportunities for TV producers to link the live broadcast with social activities. Twitter Moments can act as a news bulletin, highlighting conversations from high-profile politicians, celebrities and public figures around trending topics.

Another way to use Twitter Moments is to include audience reactions into show promos and highlight the social discussions around a program, encouraging people to join the conversation.

Last summer there was immense social discussion around ITV2’s most watched show ‘Love Island’. A Twitter Moment could be used to curate top reactions on Twitter each night of the broadcast and extend to TV. Using our dynamic video renderer, audience reactions can be weaved into show promos within minutes, reflecting an up-to-date response from the audience.


Celebrating Audience Reactions

Last Halloween we worked with UKTV to drive social audiences to the TV broadcast using Twitter Reminders. The network excited audiences in the lead up to Halloween by sharing Tweets around the horror documentary Demon House, encouraging them to opt-in to receive exclusive updates. People were eager to keep up-to-date and used the dedicated hashtags to receive their reminder.

There was such great reaction on social media during and after the premiere that the network decided to create a Twitter Moment. The ‘Pananormal Fans React To Demon House’ Twitter Moment highlights posts from fans who took to Twitter to share their thoughts of the film. It was a great way to celebrate that engagement across platforms.


How Brands Can Incorporate Audience Reactions in Ads

Twitter Moments are yet another type of dynamic content that we can bring into an ad to make it more engaging.

We often see ads promoting a campaign hashtag or encouraging viewers to join the social conversation. We take that one step further by actually including that social data back into the ad itself, rewarding participants and motivating others to engage.

You may already be aware that works with agencies and brands globally to integrate social or client-owned content into pre-existing creative. We use a cloud-based platform to render unique versions of the ad (broadcast and/or digital) within minutes, meaning an ad can be different each time it airs. As an example, a fashion brand could use Twitter Moments to highlight the discussions around a new launch and integrate that positive feedback into the creative.

We see the potential of using Twitter Moments to promote new album launches or movie releases. The hype around a new music release, red-carpet event or movie trailer can be can be amplified by involving fans as part of the campaign. See how we helped drive engagement around 20th Century’s Alien Covenant’ ad with Channel 4.

twitter reactions



Including audience reactions lets broadcasters and brands connect with fans and those engaging with their campaigns.

Check out some of our case studies here.

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