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STORY 1.7 introduces Tagging, Video Rendering, User Management, iPad Publishing, Improved Analytics and more

by,  17-Nov-2015 15:40:00

STORY 1.7 is another major step forward in the evolution of making the production of Social TV and Advertising possible for everyone. It offers a collection of new features to enrich the value and experience of its users and it introduces a new product line: StoryVR.


New Product:

STORY-VR – Create unique ads/promos

We have launched a new product line Story-VR (VR for Video Rendering) aimed to support the ever-increasing business of mass creation of Socialised Advertisements.

Story-VR is based on well-established Story technology and reuses parts of its workflow and features to collect and moderate social content. Instead of bringing this to air, it is rendered in real-time into video templates for advertisements and promos. Story-VR offers an optional ultrafast preview function to get a quick feeling of how the result will look like.

There’s hardly any limit to StoryVR’s video and audio output formats: any encoding supported by Adobe After Effects and/or ffmpeg is supported via StoryVR as well.

Story-VR offers a fantastic new way of adding value to campaigns through personalisation and interactivity.



New STORY Features:

User Management

A complete User Management module has been added to Story 1.7. It allows User Administrators to add and remove users on the platform and to assign them their own individual default roles on the platform.

Story Owners can decide to grant other users access to their Story. They can fine-tune Story access on a person-by-person basis by assigning users their default roles and/or by handing out very detailed individual access rights to individual users. Obviously this is a great step forward in integrating Story in larger organisations where access to information is often shared by several people with different roles and authority levels.




Tags make it easy for users to tag pieces of content with the information/labels they find useful and to easily retrieve those posts afterwards. Tag names could refer to the production, contain scheduling information, indicate a user segment, be an index or just any type of meta data that you want to associate with a particular post.

Finding posts that were tagged earlier is simple too: a new category called “Tags” has been added to the Views of Carousels in the Publish module. In that menu, users can set up filters that allow only posts with or without particular tags.



STORY (Publish) on iPad

Story’s Publish module has become available for iPads. Besides being the most powerful application for producing Social TV and Social Advertising, Story now also becomes useful for presenters in the studio. They can be set-up to be in full control of what goes on air and at what moment by simply logging into Story from their iPads. Access is via their mobile browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox), so no dedicated app or configuration is needed for this.



Improved Analytics

Views, as they are used in the Publish module, are essential in order to be able to find content in large groups of harvested content. The same mechanism is now introduced for Graphs in the Analyse module, so that the impact of variables on the graphs can be visualised immediately.

After a Graph has been created and one or more data sets have been added, Views can be overlayed to dynamically see the effect of different parameters on the Graph. Multiple Views can be added at the same time and each View can be easily removed by clicking in its right top corner. Views don’t affect the data itself in any way, they only have impact in what the user sees.



New Social Channel: Vine

Story 1.7 offers Vine as a standalone social channel. Within the Vine channel, users can search for the occurrence of particular keywords, #hashtags or @mentions, or monitor what (groups of) individual users publish on Vine.

Additional filters for geo-location, language, profile popularity or to exclude profanity are available to further fine-tune the incoming feed.



These are just a few of the new features available with STORY. Contact us to find out more or for a demo.



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