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STORY 1.6 introduces Analytics, Video Rendering, Social Response & more

by,  27-May-2015 10:21:00

The latest version of our Social TV platform STORY comes with a collection of fantastic new features to make it even easier to ingest social content into programming, digital and advertising.

Analytics is a completely new module that gives users the power to compare incoming data feeds and to analyse their historic behaviour. Graphs are highly configurable and show the evolution + cumulative totals of harvested data as a function of time. Graphs can be exported as pdf or as csv.

Our Social Response feature allows you to personalise the way in which STORY connects with people by enabling interactive dialogues. Installed as standard, you can now reply to followers with automated messages or promotional content as well as being able to interact with specific users, for instance to notify them that their post has been selected and will be on-air soon.

Story 1.6 also comes with a video rendering engine option that gives operators the capability to insert selected social elements (comments/images/video) into a reusable video template. This facilitates the mass production of unique socialised clips or advertisements, as completed video renders ready for distribution to linear TV or digital video destinations.

These are just a few of the new features available with STORY. Contact us to find out more about the release or for a demo.




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