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OnMedia - A State-of-the-Art Integrated Solution for Social Management and 3D Broadcast Graphics

by Taco Nieuwenhuis,  27-Mar-2018 13:09:56

If you’ve been following our recent news announcements you know how excited we are to be launching our innovative new product OnMedia, together with Brainstorm at NAB next month.

OnMedia is the productised result of 2 years of research, development and integration in the context of the EU Horizon 2020 VisualMedia project that we ran in close corporation with 11 other leading industry and academic partners from around the EU. We’re proud to debut this innovative technology that enables broadcasters to manage and publish content into 3D interactive graphical environments via a single, simple interface.


What is OnMedia?

OnMedia is a uniquely packaged end-to-end solution for social management and broadcast graphics. The integrated, yet modular application combines Brainstorm's industry-leading 2D/3D graphics engine with's unique technology for social media management. OnMedia makes it easy to search, filter, select and fine-tune user-generated content and to preview, publish and control it in real-time, forming cutting edge interactive 3D graphics.


What problems does it solve?

In the last 25 years, the competitive and commercial pressure in the television industry has increased tremendously as a result of an ever-increasing number of channels and digital platforms viewers can choose from to access their favourite content. To retain viewers, Social TV –being the union between television and social media– has become a recognised and proven proposition that adds social and interactive elements to traditional broadcast formats, with the aim of making those formats more personal, dynamic and attractive for viewers, which in the end decreases churn.

The main obstacle for Social TV is that social and broadcast are completely disjunct markets and that so far, all marriages between the two have led to non-standardised, non-reusable, non-scalable, ad-hoc point-solutions. OnMedia resolves this by offering a proven, scalable, flexible, standardised and repeatable proposition that bridges both worlds. Out of the box, it immediately helps broadcasters enhance the value their viewers experience, which in turn, directly drives higher audience ratings and fosters loyalty among their viewers. We mean this quite literally: the necessary time to set up and integrate OnMedia from scratch to commercially active is measured in hours.


Benefits of OnMedia

OnMedia provides the capability to manage complex and diverse data from a wide range of social media channels, and to publish this into engaging interactive graphical elements for a jaw-dropping consumer experience. Functionally it offers the full spectrum of integrated technologies, ranging from a Social Media Engine and an Online Distribute Engine for 2nd screen apps, to a Graphics Engine, a Tracking Engine and a Gestures Engine for real-time control of interactive 2D/3D graphics in combination with VR or in-studio AR with moving cameras. This highly innovative product is the world’s first fully-integrated solution for managing the entire end-to-end production chain of Social TV.



But there is more. OnMedia goes beyond the basic requirement of publishing live social data in visually dynamic TV formats, by addressing a fundamental, yet often ignored, shortcoming of production flows in traditional broadcast environments. Whilst visualisation is key, the ability for producers, journalists and editorial teams to adapt visual formats in real time when simple creative changes are necessary, without going back to the drawing board and redesigning the graphics again, is something that is missing in the industry. OnMedia offers this possibility as part of its core offering and needless to say, this saves a enormous amount of production effort and lead time. With the OnMedia solution all graphics, 2D or 3D, interactive or steered, VR or AR, can be parametrized for further fine-tuning, customisation and real-time control at any point later in the production chain.

In addition the scalability and repeatability of the OnMedia solution implies that it is able to serve the needs of local and regional TV stations, national broadcasters and production houses, while offering the same attractive feature set at any scaling point. The solution is a pre-integrated, economic, powerful and reliable component in the broadcast production workflow and minimises the need for expensive man or machine resources, while remaining agile enough to be able to cope with today’s flexibility requirements.

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See us at NAB

Visit us at stand SL4616 to get a first-hand look at the state of the art integrated 3D graphics system with social publishing capabilities.

Contact us to arrange a meeting.


By Taco Nieuwenhuis, Chief Technology Officer at

taco.pngBeing’s sole Dutch employee, Taco frequently smuggles cheese and stroopwafels from his home country into Oslo and constantly tries to understand Norwegian culture. In his spare time he’s obsessed with cats and penguins, theoretical physics and leads a parallel existence as garagerocker and concert-dj. Not always simultaneously though.

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