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New STORY Features Make It Easy to Manage Twitter Polls, Facebook Reactions, Video Editing and Social Response

by,  05-Jun-2018 15:53:00

We're thrilled to announce that the latest update of our social moderation platform STORY is now available. Version 1.12 is packed full of great new features, making it even easier to manage and deliver rich media including comments, pictures, videos and polls to live broadcast, digital and DOOH.

Some of the highlights include:

Twitter Moments

STORY now offers the ability to pull in Twitter Moments (curated stories on Twitter, consisting of a collection of Tweets about a certain theme). Twitter Moments are a great way to curate relevant content on specific topics, or bundle top Tweets from trending hashtags to tell interesting stories.


Facebook Reactions Poll

Our Facebook Reactions Poll enables you to monitor and count audience reactions to Facebook content. STORY helps understanding the sentiments (like, love, haha, wow, sad, angry) that surrounds specific Facebook posts by interpreting the data as a real-time poll. And similar to all social data, STORY makes it easy to publish these live results to broadcast or digital environments.



Highlight Important Posts

In STORY 1.12 users can pin posts that they find important, keeping them easily accessible at the top of their Carousels for later use.


Efficient Video Editing

Manage, fine-tune and moderate high-quality social videos within the STORY is a must when publishing rich social content. Rendering of edited videos now happens in the background, allowing you to move on to your next task while the new status button keeps you updated on the progress.


Support of RTL Alphabets

We’ve enhanced our support for right-to-left (RTL) alphabets such as Arabic, Hebrew and Persian. STORY not only displays and publishes characters from these alphabets as it should, but now also right-aligns RTL scripts and correctly mixes RTL and LTR words and phrases as well as Emojis in the same sentence.



Twitter Polls

You can now monitor and publish native Twitter Polls from within in STORY, enabling you to gather opinions from your audience expressed through Polls running natively on Twitter.


Pie Charts For Polls

Adding to STORY’s powerful analytics capabilities, we’ve introduced pie charts for Poll results. This additional visualisation helps comparing the relative contributions of various alternatives contributing to a Poll.


Other Enhancements

Manually add WhatsApp posts to a collection
• Exclude filter for Retweets, Quotes, Replies and sensitive Tweets
• Social Response – Ability for users to upload their own attachments for social responses or new social media posts they submit via STORY.


Interested to know more? Get in touch with us for a demo.

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