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by,  08-Aug-2016 11:15:23


We’re excited to announce the latest version of our social engagement platform STORY. Version 1.8 introduces fantastic new features making it even easier to bring live viewer engagement to broadcast, advertising and digital.

Key features include:

  • Easier to use social listening tools
  • Simply aggregate your content feeds and export at the click of a button
  • New Twitter channel: GNIP/Firehose* - Never miss a Tweet
  • More powerful analytics measuring engagement volume, content types and key influencers - All reports exportable
  • Full control to manage your teams access rights and permissions
  • Better filtering and blacklisting across the platform
  • Improved rich media delivery across broadcast, digital and DOOH - output as feeds or finished media ready to traffic
  • Manage your social competitions with random winner generation
  • Not just social - plug in other 3rd party data feeds, moderate and go live


New Twitter Channel – GNIP/Firehose

STORY 1.8 introduces a new way to easily access the Twitter Firehose in the main STORY Twitter menu. As an additional option to the standard search options, operators can now quickly access the direct Firehose API as one of the standard search options and manage volume and all associated costs that may be relevant. This channel guarantees all Tweets around a particular topic or hashtag, irrespective of the volume. This is great to use around massive events like the Oscars or Super Bowl, or for competitions and high-level poll events driven by compliance.

Improvements to Social Advertising Platform STORY-VR
STORY-VR has been used by leading advertising agencies and brands to produce social promos and social advertisements in campaigns across the globe. All new integration, production and distribution features make it even more flexible and functionally richer than before.

Enhanced Analytics
STORY’s Analytics module is greatly enhanced in release 1.8, showing an overview of key figures, lists of most active users, unfiltered/filtered data comparisons, and more.

More Detailed User Access Rights

In STORY 1.8 it is possible to assign separate Create, Edit and Delete access rights on a per user bases. This applies to the Creation, Editing and Deletion of Searches, of Formats in Build and of Graphs in Analyse. This substructure allows the fine-tuning of personal access rights on an even deeper level than previously. 

General Blacklist
STORY 1.8 supports the creation and maintenance of a General Blacklist which works system-wide on all active Searches. This General Blacklist can be used to filter out posts containing words that are in violation of company policies.  

Several User Interface Improvements
A variety of UI improvements have been added to STORY as a response to requests by the most active STORY users. The enhancements will make their lives, and those of future clients, a lot easier.

Would you like to know more about STORY and the latest features? Request a demo.

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