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by,  18-Apr-2019 16:11:39

It’s been an exciting few weeks here at with the announcement of our very own Real-Time Social Graphics solution, providing advanced visualisation for live streaming, broadcast, digital signage and events. 

user generated contentThis enables content producers and rights holders to moderate and display UGC graphics outputs from a web browser across the globe. We have been showcasing all the features of this at the prolific NAB Show in Las Vegas this week with over 100k attendees from over 160 countries. 

 Our platform provides not only an overlay graphics solution, but also provides an extra layer of flexibility, allowing those who use streaming services such as Facebook Live, Twitch and YouTube to benefit by integrating live engagement from their audience in to their broadcasts.

The graphic overlay is rendered directly in a web browser, meaning the user’s computer becomes the graphic engine, making it an effective solution for managing digital signage and on-set event displays, without the need for expensive equipment.

This has added another dimension to our platform and consequently led to us announcing our new partnership with Grabyo – a leading solution and video production suite, integrated with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Periscope. Grabyo’s cloud-based Producer platform allows users to deliver engaging live video to social, mobile and OTT platforms with flexibility and ease, providing a modern approach to live streaming.

Working together, the capabilities are endless. Our real-time social graphics platform enhances Grabyo’s live capabilities, driving social engagement and longer watch times by encouraging audience interaction. This ensures that every single live stream and event is unmissable, pulling the audience’s social postings, comments, videos and social polls into live broadcast, within seconds.

Scott Davies, CEO of says “To be able to announce an end to end UGC ‘content to publishing’ solution has been fantastic, then have the support and official partnership with Grabyo has been amazing, providing digital broadcasters a simple smooth flow of getting live content to customised graphics and then easily to air across multiplatforms as Grabyo does so well”

Gareth Capon of Grabyo says ”We’re excited by the opportunities this partnership presents to live content creators and media rights holders. By enriching the live video experience we are able to create memorable experiences for social audiences, while delivering quality video across a range of digital platforms. Consumer expectation has never been higher and Grabyo is proud to lead the market with great partners in this exciting space. ”

You can find out more about our recent product updates here



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