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by,  10-Apr-2019 16:58:34 showcases its new on-board graphics solution Real-Time Social Graphics, and the latest features of flagship social engagement platform STORY., the award-winning social engagement platform specialists, today announced the NAB debut of Real-Time Social Graphics, the company’s very own graphics solution providing advanced visualisation for live broadcast, streaming, digital signage and events. Alongside the new HTML5 graphics solution, will be demonstrating the latest updates to the social engagement platform STORY, featuring new YouTube and Instagram integration and intuitive search capabilities to seamlessly pull social content into live broadcast and advertising, and bring engaging and interactive content to life.


Real-Time Social Graphics’s Real-Time Social Graphics enables content producers to moderate and display UGC graphics outputs from a web browser. In addition to the platforms ability to work with traditional broadcast graphics engines,’s HTML5 graphics solution provides an extra layer of flexibility to traditional TV broadcasters, as well as enabling those who use streaming services such as Facebook Live, Twitch or YouTube to benefit from the robustness of the STORY platform, integrating live engagement from their audience into their broadcasts. The graphic overlay is rendered directly in a web browser, meaning the user’s computer becomes the graphic engine, making it an effective solution for managing digital signage and on-set event displays, without the need for expensive equipment.

The HTML5 solution provides high-quality broadcast graphics that suit all workflows and budgets, integrating into creative content with no fuss. Offering fully customisable graphics to suit individual needs, Real-Time Social Graphics includes a selection of ‘off-the-shelf’ template packages suitable for news, entertainment and sport – enhancing content and optimising workflows.


  • Moderate and display UGC graphics from a web browser
  • Cost-effective graphics interface without the need for expensive software and equipment
  • Seamlessly integrates with social engagement platform STORY
  • ‘Off-the-shelf’ template packages for news, entertainment and sport content
  • Real-time delivery of creative content
  • Ideal for traditional broadcasters and streaming services

STORY 1.16’s social engagement platform helps broadcasters and advertisers personalise their offer, increase TV viewership and engage audiences and consumers by running social polls and integrating relevant social media content into their programming. Used by the world’s top broadcasters and brands – including SKY, QVC, Televisa, Univision and PlayStation, Specsavers and Danone. STORY’s latest update is part of the standardised framework and intuitive user interface, offering new YouTube and Instagram integration, enhanced visual analytics, workflow optimisation and advanced search features to quickly and efficiently find social content for real-time delivery.


YouTube integration

Enables YouTube authentication, access to YouTube live chat, and video search to retrieve comments, including profile information and URL fetching to seamlessly publish YouTube social content into broadcasters’ and advertisers’ programming.

Facebook and Instagram personalisation

Comments on Facebook and Instagram posts are automatically made private through the API. STORY 1.16 enables users to track comments under posts on Facebook Pages and Instagram and shows profile information such as name and avatar. This new feature personalises social content and enhances engagement.

Enhanced search

STORY 1.16’s predecessor release introduced the ability to clone search formats. STORY 1.16 extends this concept by offering the possibility to clone searches for every search – optimising search workflow and enabling seamless continuity to search for relevant content. New features also include configurable search intervals to increase or decrease the frequency of social polling and customise resource consumption.


“We’re delighted to be showcasing the latest features of STORY and our new on-board graphics solution, Real-Time Social Graphics, at NAB this year. Using our experience and expertise from the last 20 years of producing online, broadcast and advertising formats, we’ve worked hard to develop and deliver two solutions that enhance audience engagement and support broadcasters and advertisers in creating dynamic content. We look forward to working with our growing client-list of broadcasters and brands to help create innovative, interactive programming,” said Scott Davies, CEO at











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