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Introducing New STORY Features for Managing Real-Time Audience Engagement

by,  19-Dec-2017 09:44:42

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of our social moderation platform STORY is now available and packed full of great new features. Our web-based platform can manage and deliver rich media including comments, pictures, videos and polls to broadcast, digital and DOOH in near real-time.

Some of the new features include:

1. Manage Social Media Interaction

You can now manage your social media engagement from within the STORY interface. Easily publish a new Tweet or Facebook post and select which social account the action comes from.

You can also react to posts within STORY making it easy to engage with your audience in one simple platform. Reactions include Like/Retweet/Reply on Twitter, Comment on Instagram and Like/Comment/Share on Facebook.

social media management


2. Understand Sentiment

Enhanced ability to retrieve and display the current social reaction counts of a post including like/love/comment/reply/retweet/comment aggregates. This also includes Facebook reactions (like/love/haha/wow/sad/angry) and can be used to capture real-time emotions under Facebook Live feeds.

social sentiment


3. Track the Source of a Retweet, Quote or Reply

As Tweets are often a Retweet, Quote or Reply of or to another Tweet, we’ve enhanced how this content is displayed. It’s now much easier to identify Retweets, Quotes and Replies, and for each of these Story offers the option to retrieve the original Tweet with a single click, meaning users can always track back to the original source material.

source of tweet

4. Enhanced Moderation

We’ve further optimised the moderation procedures for STORY by offering the option to auto-moderate trusted users while still manually moderating the rest. Blacklists can be used to administer misbehaving or offensive originators, and Whitelists can be used in situations where posts from only a limited set of users is supposed to be taken in.

social media moderation

5. Speedy Auto-Response

It’s now even easier to send personalised messages, images and videos instantly to social users. We’ve dramatically improved the rate of outgoing Tweets in our auto-response feature. Personalised auto-responses are a great way to reward people who engage with your campaign.

auto response


6. Twitter Enhancements

Story supports the recently introduced 280 character-limit of Tweets, both for incoming and for outgoing Tweets. The set of languages in the language filter of our high-volume Searches module has been enhanced from 32 to 64


7. Lock Stories

The ability to temporarily lock (and later unlock) Stories, useful for situation where someone has prepared data/formats/posts and wants to be sure no one else touches the prepared material.

Are you interested in discovering how we can help transform your engagement strategies? Arrange a call with us.

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