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How To Get Live Social Media Content On Air

by Jenna Rogers,  05-Jul-2017 11:38:28

Everyone we meet who works in broadcast is interested in integrating social media commentary into their editorial content. While people are aware of the benefits of engaging with their social audiences, they may not know where to start.

It's not just about social from your audience, you have the opportunity to get expert commentary on breaking news and manage photos and videos from journalists, influencers and celebrities.

There is an easier and faster way to gather and publish live social content beyond simply copying and pasting that ensures you capture time-crucial content without the risk of errors.

Using a social moderation platform lets you easily manage dynamic content and ingest directly into broadcast workflows. We recommend using our cloud-based platform STORY, but we’re a little biased! The beauty of our platform means the moderator doesn't have to be in the same place as the broadcast environment. Your productions may be happening around the world and your producer can login and work from anywhere.


Make A Call To Action To Engage

Ask your audience to share their thoughts via social media using a dedicated hashtag, handle or page. Alternatively, content can come from 3rd party apps, sms, etc.



Search For Relevant Social Content

Search for Twitter content using key terms and hashtags associated with your network, programming or events.


Discover what people are sharing on Instagram by searching for photos by hashtag, user or location.


Engage with your Facebook audience - you can collect posts made to your network’s Facebook page or comments made under a specific Facebook post.



Build Your Formats

Choose the format such as a carousel, wordcloud, poll or competition to output your content.

A wordcloud lets you discover what terms are trending around a certain topic and understand what’s driving the news.


Polls and live voting are a fun and immediate way of generating powerful content, allowing you to amplify the voice of your audience.

4. Poll no filter.png

Create social polls based on hashtags and key terms or aggregrate data from external polls like Apester and Polldaddy.



Moderate Social Content

Drill down into your content to capture what’s relevant to you. Filter incoming social content by location, language, terms, media (photo or video) and exclude profanities.


Confirm the content has come from a legitimate source by checking the profile of the originator from within STORY.

The platform allows you to crop images, select the relevant part of a video, and remove info not relevant for air such as URLS and spelling mistakes to save valuable time in the broadcast environment.


Publish To Broadcast Or Digital

Move selected content into the right-hand column to prepare for air. Once you’re ready to go live, content is published via an XML or json feed which can be easily ingested in realtime into broadcast workflows or digital destinations such as widgets and social walls. STORY also has native integration with leading broadcast graphics systems such as Vizrt and Brainstorm. How the content is displayed is completely up to you! We're continuously impressed to see how our clients are innovating with social content.



Analyse The Social Conversation

Understand the behaviour of your audience by analysing the incoming social content. STORY's powerful analytics lets you measure engagement volume, content types and key influencers with exportable reports.



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