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Content Predictions for 2019

by,  02-Jan-2019 23:01:27

predictionsIt's crazy to think we are now in 2019, but it's going to be a very exciting year for As we gaze into our Martech crystal ball, we predict quite a few changes in the upcoming months. Here are our top ones.....



Data-Driven Content
Many companies are using data to power their content creation and distribution processes. We predict that brands and agencies will use data even more widely in 2019 to ensure that the content they produce is ever more accurately targeted.

Content personalisation and interactivity
Content marketers have talked about personalisation for many years now. The difference is that in 2019 they will have the tools to personalise content efficiently, inexpensively and effectively.

AI & Voice Activation

Whether it be podcasts or skills for smart speakers, voice content moved to the centre stage in 2018. Managing the development and distribution of that content will pose significant problems for brands in 2019, but also create exciting new opportunities.

The rise and rise of Video
Video continues to grow at a rapid rate still and the new forms of video such as the influence of VR and immersive are helping this massively.

Videos are predicted to account for 82% of global internet traffic by 2021.


Micro-influencers have been called "the marketing force of the future" and are tipped to be huge in 2019. They are people who have already built the audience a brand is looking for, and established trust with them. Influencers have established relationships with their followers through their stories. And when they're willing to share a brand's story, their followers are ready and willing to listen. The best thing about being a micro-influencer is that anyone can become one and you don't have to have an enormous social following to be effective. To achieve the greatest ROI on a campaign it is advisable to have a group of micro-influencers, or to combine a micro-influencer with a celebrity influencer for the greatest impact and reach.


Another area where technology is sure to impact on content marketing is via increased use of automation for both content creation and distribution. There are now many Artificial Intelligence-based startups in the UK developing tools for marketers which will take some of the heavy lifting out of short-form content especially if created for social media. By the end of 2019 consumers will be reading content unaware it wasn't written by humans.

Brand Activism/Social Innovation

In an era of controversial and divisive political movements brands have already started nailing their colours to the mast. Brand activism is likely to be even more widespread in 2019 as companies hitch themselves to the causes that most resonate with their target audiences.


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