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CEO Scott features in Euromedia article: Social Media & TV - Frenemies?

by,  05-Jun-2019 14:59:45

Our CEO Scott features in an expansive cover story article in the latest edition of Euromedia magazine, alongside industry leading companies such as Sky, InSight TV, and MainStreaming, looking at the influence of social media within broadcast.

The article entitled Social Media & TV - Frenemies? discusses whether social media is a competitor or complement to broadcasting and "skilful use will certainly improve audiences and spontaneous pick-up will have an impact whether good or bad". The main question asked is obviously how can television harness the power of social media to engage and build audiences? Here at we know exactly how, and the massive impact it can have by bringing the two together via live interaction, whether it be Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram pictures, YouTube videos or live social polls to allow people to voice their opinions.

There are some fascinating insights and stats from a variety of contributors, debating the value that social media can add to television and how it is a major alternative medium for audiences, advertisers and talent, including topics such as interaction, reach, threat and the opportunities it brings.

Scott shares his useful insights and opinions about how Linear and digital broadcasters have a real opportunity to take advantage of social media. He is quoted saying "It's a part of life, an extension of everything the modern media consumer does and therefore an important part of programme making. Using some level of social engagement in TV is an advantage in many ways."

You can read more of Scott's thoughts and the full article here 

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