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8 Ways To Make An Ad Campaign Dynamic

by Jenna Rogers,  07-Aug-2017 15:43:00

At we’re passionate about innovating with advertising creatives, brands and broadcasters to create dynamic and engaging ads. Including live social content into the creative can transform video advertising campaigns for versioning across multiple platforms.

It’s not all just about social though - ad campaigns can be made dynamic with reactive content, personalisation, live pricing info, integration of data feeds or custom messaging.

Increases in engagement, brand affinity, dwell time, brand awareness, loyalty, viewership and purchase intention are some of the benefits our clients are seeing as a result of enhancing their campaigns. We discuss 8 ways to make your ad dynamic and make great creative work even harder.

1. Incorporate social media content and make the audience the star

Everyone loves having their 15 minutes of fame (which is more like 5 seconds in today's digital world!). We’ve seen that people are eager to interact with ads if there’s a chance they may get to be on TV. Making a call-to-action for your audience to share their photo or comment for a chance to appear on air gives them a reason to engage.


Added bonus: When people use a campaign’s hashtag, handle or social page to participate, they’re ultimately extending the reach of the campaign. Personalisation of ads drives audiences to share with the wider community. When someone’s name, photo or message is shown on air they’ll be excited to tell someone about. We often see people sharing photos and videos of the moment they see themselves on TV.

2. Interactive ad break takeover

Giving audiences the ability to interact, and then have that reaction included live in the next ad break gives them a reason to watch.

Channel 4 showed just how effective an interactive ad break could be with their takeover for 20th Century Fox’s Alien Covenant movie. Viewers were shown a teaser clip from the movie and asked to share their reactions using hashtag #c4aliencovenant and selected Tweets were chosen to feature in the next ad break. The immediate social activity around the promotion led to the campaign’s hashtag trending on Twitter.

3. Brand’s own dynamic data feeds

There are exciting possibilities to extend great data-driven outdoor campaigns to multiple channels including broadcast.

Spotify’s innovative DOOH campaign published localised facts and user listening statistics on billboards in cities around the world. The ads used aggregated data and some individual listening data to create lines like “Dear person who played 'Sorry' 42 times on Valentine's Day, what did you do?".

Great creative like this would work well extended to broadcast with frequent content refreshes.



4. Live ad competitions

Similar to an interactive ad takeover but with an extra incentive! As well as generating brand awareness and engagement levels, live competitions also help retain viewers as they are eager to see if they’ve won.

Playstation and Channel 4 ran an interactive live competition during reality show Gogglebox to promote the game ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’. The interactive Ad gave viewers the chance to win a PlayStation prizepack via a live competition mechanic on Twitter which trended across Europe – the on air reveal was done a matter of minutes after the competition closed retaining the audience for longer.



5. Make every ad unique with custom moderator content

Flight prices, product details, live betting odds, late offers for stock, responding to market changes – whatever content it is you want to update, it can be changed easily with STORY to make every ad unique.

Creating vignette spaces for custom content lets you update just part of an advert as and when needed. Moderators can then update content and render multiple broadcast-ready versions at the click of a button. Why should every ad be different? When the audience know that certain elements in the campaign creative will change, it builds anticipation and a reason to watch again and again = better brand recall.

6. Reward audiences for participating in cause-based initiatives

Enhance cause-based initiatives by rewarding the social audience.

QVC’s Beauty with Benefits #BraveIsBeautiful campaign supports women with Cancer. Viewers have the opportunity to upload a photo of their ‘brave face’ on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #BraveisBeautiful for a chance to appear in on-air promos and win a beauty prizepack.


7. Weave social videos into the creative

Weaving user-generated content in live TV ad breaks gives brands a way to integrate the worlds of social media and television seamlessly.

The #CantIsABadWord campaign by fashion brand Missguided allowed viewers to upload videos via social media with selected clips featuring in a mashup of international influencers.

“Missguided’s customers are among the most social media savvy and switched on people in the UK and across the world, and this exciting technology gives us the opportunity to reach out to our fans and followers in a more dynamic and impactful way than ever before.” said Sarah Lynch, Global Brand Manager at Missguided

The brand’s online community then extended the campaign as they shared clips of themselves on TV back to their own networks.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 09.18.54.png

8. Sponsored promos

“One of the reasons why TV is so valued is because it provides an important source of entertainment, information, relaxation and of course a shared point of interest between household members and millions of others throughout the UK” explain Thinkbox. Through partnering with TV programmes, brands can leverage this relationship and become a part of a viewer’s world.

TV advertising is the most effective medium and sponsorship around programming gives brands an even deeper integration and connection with the audience. We also believe there is a third pillar – the opportunity to engage the audience and get them to take action by using social and digital to widen the reach of your audience.

With live TV driving up to 87% of Twitter engagement during primetime and 17 million conversations about TV advertising happening every evening in the UK, it’s clear there is immense social engagement happening around programming and ads. By listening and reacting to this audience engagement to hero viewers, sponsorship can work even harder.


See how Lexus increased their brand favourability by 22% with sponsored promos that ran during the series Suits.

Our platform makes it easy to moderate, change content so every ad is unique and render rich media for delivery across broadcast, ad traffickers, digital or DOOH output. Talk to us to explore even more possibilities for creating dynamic advertising campaigns across broadcast and digital.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss further.

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