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5 Ways To Celebrate Fan Engagement With Personalised Campaigns

by Jenna Rogers,  25-Jan-2018 12:37:15

Integrating audience content into campaigns across social, digital and TV is a great way to celebrate and drive fan engagement.

Many personalised ad campaigns focus on digital, but including TV as part of the campaign gives you a true scale of an audience and is the catalyst for digital working well. With live TV driving up to 87% of social engagement during primetime and over 17 million conversations about TV advertising occurring every evening in the UK, it’s no surprise TV advertising remains the most effective medium.

personalised ad campaign

Personalised campaigns that integrate UGC or dynamic content means an ad can be unique every time it airs and strengthens the connections between broadcaster, brand and audience. Here are a few ways to amplify the live engagement around your personalised and addressable ad campaigns.

1. Create personalised content audiences want to share

Personalised ads drive audiences to share content - if someone sees their name or photo on TV or in a digital video, they’ll be excited to share with their network.

“Personalisation only works if it is something that can be shared with the wider community” a statement from The Drum that rings true about bridging the gap between TV and digital advertising. People love having their moment of fame and featuring their photo or message on air is giving them that experience.



2. Feature user-generated content in the creative

Advertisers can weave social content from the audience into the creative, whether it’s comments, photos submitted via Facebook, Twitter handles, or an Instagram video

Fashion brand SimplyBe gave fans the chance to star in SimplyBe ITVBe ads and also win a styling session and new wardrobe by sharing their best style statement on social media with #SimplyBeStylish.


The audience loved being included in the campaign and ultimately extended the reach by sharing their moment of fame back to their own networks.

Including user-generated content within linear TV ads gives brands a way to celebrate their customers and turn them into influencers.

social competition


3. Deliver personalised messages, images and video to audiences in real-time

Personalised auto-responses are a great way for broadcasters and brands to reward people who engage with their hashtags and participate in campaigns.

Using’s audience engagement platform, it’s possible to deliver personalised media to social users instantly. This could be a digital version of an ad featuring their photo, a Tweet asking them to tune in at a certain time to see themselves on TV, or a message with a special offer thanking them for participating.



4. The importance of moderation

As with any social campaign, moderation of content is paramount. We only need to look at campaigns where moderation wasn't applied *cough* National Lottery and Walkers *cough* to see how quickly users unleashed social sabotage, highlighting the importance of moderation to ensure compliance regulations are met. How? By moderating content, users and responses using tools such as blacklists, whitelists and filters.



5. Turn personalised ad campaigns into competitions

Amplify the engagement around your campaign by running social competitions. Live competitions help retain viewers as they’re eager to see if they’ve won. Entrants could be sent personalised responses thanking them for entering, as well as exclusive content or offers.

Playstation and Channel 4 used our competition management solution to run an interactive contest during reality show Gogglebox that gave viewers the chance to win a PlayStation prize pack. The live competition mechanic on Twitter involved viewers Tweeting their responses, with the flurry of entries making #PlayStationLive trend across Europe that evening. The lucky winner received a personalised response back and had their handle featured in the next ad break.

twitter competition



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