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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we're often asked. Get in touch with us if you have a query.


What can STORY do?

At its core, it’s a social content harvesting tool that moderators can use to find, filter and publish content directly into TV programming or promos/TV ads (not forgetting digital platforms). STORY can also be used to generate polls, wordclouds, video content versioning, competitions management, graphics triggering and track social performance/users/analytics.

Who picks what goes on air?

The producer or moderator is able to choose which content goes on air and at what time. Using STORY you can create carousels with relevant content and filter, select and publish the most appropriate posts.

How can I moderate the social content? Can I remove swear words?

You can filter content by geolocation, language, media type, etc. You can also apply exclude filters on a system-wide level to make sure that posts with profanities or other unwanted language are always filtered out.

Can your platform be configured to work with third party systems?

Yes, we can read JSON/RSS feeds from third party applications and publish XML/JSON/RSS for them to read. There is no API to replace the operational UI of our platform by a third party application.

How many customers do you have worldwide?

We have a global customer base which extends across USA, Canada, UK, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Where can I see examples of your work?

A collection of our case studies can be found here.

What support do I get?

STORY’s SLA comes with unlimited office hours assistance for all day to day operational tasks. In addition, we offer 24x7 emergency support for all our installations.

How long after signing up can I start using STORY?

The product can usually be made available to you within 1 working day. Some configuration for more complex CG integration may take slightly longer.

How long does it take to get social content on air?

Counting from the moment of publication by the user, a message can be harvested, moderated and made to appear on air within a few seconds. Automated content such as poll data could be displayed in real-time for instance.

What partnerships do you have with social networks like Facebook and Twitter? is a recognized Facebook Broadcast Solutions partner, which gives us access to various exclusive data feeds from the Facebook and Instagram universes. Our partnership with Twitter enables us to offer Twitter firehose access which comes with a 100% guarantee that ensures that all Tweets are collected from your desired search criteria.

What access to social networks do I get when I rent or buy STORY?

Out-of-the-box STORY is delivered with enabled access to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds. The only relevant limits are the ones set by the underlying, public APIs.

What access to other social networks and fees can be added to the standard set?

We have a growing library of standard integrations, from which we can enable individual elements on request and without additional costs. To sketch a picture: email, SMS, WeChat, Weibo, Disqus, PollDaddy, Google+, ScribbleLive are among the entries we currently maintain. STORY has a flexible interface for integration with almost any external XML/JSON/RSS feed, so it often is tuned to digest customer-specific local feeds of arbitrary nature.

Can you guarantee that I get all Tweets related to my event, under all circumstances?

STORY collects and delivers all Tweets within the limits set by Twitter’s publicly available APIs. Our experience is that this is sufficient to serve the vast majority of use cases. However, in situations where literally every Tweet must be captured (e.g. for legal reasons to register participants in a competition) or when dealing with massive and spiked social volumes (e.g. major events like the Oscars, the Eurovision Song Contest or the Super Bowl), we suggest enabling access to the Twitter firehose which is guaranteed to capture all Tweets under all circumstances. Access to the firehose comes with an addition volume-dependent cost and users have full control over where and when to use it.


What broadcast graphics systems can you integrate with?

By default, STORY publishes in XML/RSS/JSON, but it also integrates natively with market-leading Broadcast Graphics platforms. We have established solutions with Vizrt, ChyronHego, Brainstorm, PixelPower and Vidigo.

What social formats does STORY support?

STORY comes with the possibility to post individual social posts from filtered and moderated carousels (serialized if necessary) and to run competitions with randomly drawn winners. In addition to that, Story also supports aggregated formats such a Polls, Votings and Word Clouds, and an on-board analytics module for measuring dynamical evolutions.


What hardware do I need to use STORY?

By default, STORY is a cloud-based application that can be operated from anywhere in the world via a browser. For native integration with a graphics engine, STORY requires an on-site Windows PC for its interworking. It is also possible to install STORY on a local Linux server (specs available on request).

What is your license model?

The standard licensing model for STORY is SaaS on a monthly basis. A minimum term may apply. We recommend licensing per content channel.

Can STORY be deployed as SaaS?

Yes. We preferably deploy STORY in the Amazon Web Services Cloud. This is the fastest and easiest roll-out option and offers the most flexibility. Your STORY installation can be ready-to-go within 24 hours after signing the contract. SaaS installations are fully maintained by and you will automatically profit from future product upgrades (2-3 times a year).

How much does STORY cost?

Please contact us to get an overview of our very affordable pricing model.

Can I get a free demo installation?

Of course! We can give you access to our evaluation environment where you can play with the product for a while to see if it satisfies your needs.


Why do I need your system?

Our easy-to-use system fits seamlessly into your broadcast workflow to deliver rich media across platforms. If you’re looking for a way to integrate social into broadcast and increase engagement levels, loyalty and viewership then our system is a great choice.

Can STORY be deployed on a physical server in my own network?

Yes. We also support enterprise-style deployments where the physical hardware and the OS (Linux Debian) are provided by you. You control all access to the installation and maintains the product software running on it, including future product upgrades.

How can I manage who in my organization has access to STORY and its data?

You are fully in charge of the user administration on your installations. Access to Story’s modules and its tasks can be set on a per user basis. This enables the creation of various roles in a workflow, where each user/role only has access to data relevant for fulfilling his/her role.


What is a social spot?

A social spot is an advertisement, usually between 15 - 30 seconds that has been enriched with dynamic social content.

How do you deliver ads? What ad delivery networks do you work with?

We work with the likes of IMD, Adstream, Mediaocean, and are flexible to enlarge that list.

What is the reason we should work with for our advertising campaign? What are the benefits for us/our brand client?

We’re seeing broadcasters, advertisers and brands transform their video advertising campaigns across TV and digital platforms by integrating live social content. Using our technology helps make campaigns more interactive which is driving better viewership, longer dwell times, stronger engagement, increased brand awareness and higher ad sales.

Can I get a free trial?

Of course! We’re happy to offer a free 30-day trial. Please contact us for a demo.