Bee-On empowers you with the tools to create content

for all your creative formats, across multiple channels,

whatever your production and workflow.

Explore how you can craft your offering with Bee-On

Sports Broadcast.

  • Use messaging platforms such as WhatsApp for unique dialogues with fans

  • Follow influencers, sports people, or journalists and feature live on air

  • Display live viewer reaction and poll data from social or 3rd-party data feeds

Invite viewers to share comments, images, and videos, discuss transfer rumors, or interact with weigh-ins, and get involved in interviews or live votes featured in your broadcast and digital shows.


  • Send content directly to the presenter’s tablet, studio screens or on-screen graphics

  • Share exclusive content featuring images and videos from the public

  • Run live polls to produce audience opinion pieces

Enhance your news with real-time audience opinion and feature polls, comments, or live Q&As during news reports or interviews. Develop coverage with trending topics from around the world and create preferred lists to track conversation from journalists, politicians, or influencers on social. 

Sports Club & Federations.

  • Gauge fan opinion with live polls and reactions

  • Magnify coverage of brand partners and sponsorships 

  • Use automated reply mechanics to extend the conversation

Connect fans on the go, at home, or in the stadium. And immerse them into the sports-day experience, with interactive pre-, half-time, and post-event shows, featuring watchalongs, Q&As, or live statistics.


  • Create branded graphics in promotional formats

  • Deliver personalized content to your target market

  • Analyze and track interaction sources and response routes

Boost organic interaction and extend the reach of your campaigns to include branding virtually anywhere in your production. Use automated response tools for campaign messaging or drive dynamic advertising for traditional TV.


  • Search for trends and publish exclusive content

  • Create unique offers based on audience interactions

  • Feature customer reviews and comments

Engage and retain your audience with dynamic content and create new inventory for sponsors or partners with targeted messaging on multiple social and messaging platforms.

Advertising Campaigns.

  • Influence ad narrative with live polling and feature audience engagement

  • Change the content of the Ad each time it airs

  • Extend reach beyond broadcast channels using social or messaging

Generate live or near-live interactive broadcast and digital advertising, and react to a campaign’s live data or consumer interaction to deliver unique, dynamic ad content.


  • Connect corporate and consumer attendees from any location

  • Interact with presenters onscreen or via any tablet

  • Source and curate content from social or event-platforms

Deliver highly interactive in-person, virtual, or hybrid events and conferences. And run live polls or Q&As, alongside attendee interactions featuring images, comments or video, into your live content.


  • Reward viewers with competitions using compliant selection tools

  • Enhance panel shows and feature video questions or comments 

  • Extend interaction via social campaigns and brand-sponsored promotions

Live or pre-recorded, add interactive elements to your show, such as polls, competitions, audience submissions, and opportunities for viewers to influence the narrative using dynamic data and live interaction.